Since 2009, we have launched #ReadingwithRoman, rebuilt homes for Katrina victims, hosted free football camps and kids days, and partnered with various educational institutions through fund and/or time donations. The best news-- We have only just begun our mission.


Our Mission

The mission of Harper’s Hope 4*1 Foundation is to prepare today’s youth for tomorrow’s challenges. We do this through various educational and extracurricular activities. In addition, we seize partnership opportunities with other programs and organizations that share our mission. We have found that our heart's mission always comes back to supporting programs that promote reading in younger children. If a child cannot read on their grade level as of 1st or 2nd grade, it is nearly impossible to succeed academically for the remainder of life! 

Literacy, the ability to read and write, is declining. Without strong literacy skills students find it almost impossible to advance in math, science, technology, history, literature and other subjects.

What We've Achieved

  • Launched Reading with Roman in 82 schools throughout Alabama and Louisiana.
  • Rebuilt homes for displaced Hurricane Katrina Victims.
  • Provided various mini grants to different educational institutions.
  • Provided grants to various athletic programs.
  • Pioneered Operation Restore Hope (Program that focuses on homeless veterans). 
  • Hosted free 7-on-7 tournament for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools.
  • Dedicated to summer athletic programs in Roman's hometown.
  • Continued advocacy for the importance of reading literacy.